Customer Service Series – Deliver Unexpected Value!

Your ability to increase your income hinges on your ability to deliver unexpected value. Most people think the only way they can add more value is by working harder or exchanging money. This is thinking too small. You deliver unexpected value through the connections you can make, the time you can allocate and the problems you can alleviate.

Big opportunities open up when you’re building relationships with the right people, invest your time in your highest leverage activities and be a person who solves problems. Break out of the old mindset of thinking that you have to work harder or find a higher-paying job, and start developing the habit of incorporating these three things in your everyday life.


Customer Service – “The Game Changer!”

This past week I’ve been a little busy on field work not minding my own business. Lol…did I just say not minding! Yes. I’ve actually been making observations how most businesses run their day to day activities across my hood. A major difference I’ve seen between the “successful” ones and not so “successful” ones is in CUSTOMER SERVICE! Therefore in the next couple of days I’ll be sharing with you key success secret on Customer Service Essentials! Join me as I take you on a walk through this. And also prepare your questions as we shall together find answers to them. Selah!

#Listen to Your Heart!

Hi friends, family and fellows. Today I bring you words from the old man of Capua.

 Once upon a time, at the coolness of the day,  two boys came to him, one of them holding a live bird enclosed in his right hand.  “Tell me dear Sir” the mischievous boy began. “Is this bird dead or alive?”. The old man looked at him slowly and finally answerd: ” My dear boy, you hold the power of life and death in your hand. If I tell you that the bird is alive, you will crush it to death and if I tell you that it is dead, you will open your hand and let it fly away. So my son, you hold the power of life and death in your hand. To that boy/girl, man or woman who may be at a crossroad right now. Indeed you hold the power of life and death in your hand. The clouds may be too thick to see through. The mountains may be high to climb. But listen to your heart. God still speaks to people within. Don’t be like the mischievous boy. Trust not in the strength of your fist. Listen to your Heart!

The Africa I see – #Building Africa for the Global Game.

Can you imagine Japan without its Toyotas or America without its Coca cola? What makes you feel Africans do not also want to look up and see large African enterprises? Companies like Econent and Dangote groups are there as beacon to new generation of Africa enterprise builders who have dreams to build global companies that will also create wealth for their continents. 25years ago, most of the giant companies we have now like Apple, Google, Facebook, Tencent, etc. weren’t in existence. Perhaps they were just dreams still under incubation. And it will interest you to know that some of the giant companies that will be taking over in 25 years time are not yet in existence. Over the next decade, African companies like Craft-House Africa will and many others yet unknown will mushroom all over the continent and become global champions. And they’ll not just be from South Africa; we will see them from A-Z, Angola to Zimbabwe. There will be global multinationals in my life time that will come from Nigeria, Malawi, Liberia, Rwanda, you name it.  And these companies will operate with the highest standards of ethics, even better than the best today. Even as we speak, young chaps from Africa are beginning to do it. They’re thinking big and without limitations. Mubarak Muyika is doing it with his tech dreams in Kenya. Mikaila, the 9year old CEO and Entrepreneur is doing it, feeding the world with her BeeSweet Lemonade. The question is what are you waiting for?  Understand the game. Learn the rules and the language of the game and hit the board without miss. I see the next generation of Billionaires rising from not just the High Tech of silicon valley, nor the gold mine of SA but from these young chaps stretching their minds on the street, taking their destinies in their hands and breaking every limitations. Africa must be built!   

#Visions of a Mentor.

S. Masiyiwa.

#Creativity Week!

When was the last time you did anything creative. Can you try out one this week and share your experiences here? 

* Creativity is an inexhaustible resource. The more you use it, the more you have it.

In our society, we often don’t do Big things because we’re afraid of making mistakes. Do something creative today and flood in your testimonies. I’m waiting…

Wonders of a Merry Heart!

It’s not because things are bad that you are sad. It’s because you are sad that things are bad. Get out of  depression, it’s the weapon of the devil to always keep you oppressed. It drives away blessings from your life. Neh.8:10

Joy is the air that keeps you afloat and winning in life. Depression is the water that Gets into your boat to drown it. There should be nothing in this world that should be allowed to destroy your eternity. Pple who are cheaply moved never move their mountains. The level of joy you operate set d level of exploit you enjoy. Heaviness is one of d key strategies of Satan to strip God’s people naked. Fight it. Everytime you can’t find joy, the thief is at work. 

#Respect! No alternative.

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot. Never let pride and bad manner spoil the work of your hands. Your credentials may get you hired. But your respect for people and things will get you sustained. 

Happy Weekend!