Celebration of Life – Happy Birthday to Mee!!!

How did I survive these past years of my life? Lemme think!…. It must be GRACE. Your hand kept me through, even through the valleys of the shadows of death. Your Rod and your staff are always there. You prepared banquets before me, even in the presence of my enemies. You anointed my head with oil and my Cup still runs over. Surely Goodness and Mercies follows me all the days of my life. Happy birthday to Mee! 

#Thank God I survived!




Customer Service Plugins – #the little Magic!

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These are a list of some ingredients we overlook in customer service. But they go a long way in determining the real taste of the soup. 

  • ​Thank the customer
  • Follow up
  • Go beyond service expectations – make them feel they’re paying you far less than the value. 
  • Provide “special” offers
  • Remember special details about the customer
  • Use the customer’s firstname
  • Give special treatment when possible
  • Ask advice
  • Listen, don’t interrupt
  • Acknowledge the customer’s emotions and concerns
  • Take time to serve
  • Elicit feedback Addressing Customer Needs.
  • Make friends, not war!

What Every Customer Wants – “AIR!”

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​Can you imagine the survival of any aerobic organism without air? What makes you feel your customers are an exception? You customers are living organisms. They have a personality, emotions/feelings. So to sustain this client/customer relationship, feed them with AIR! The question is – what is AIR?

Make them feel Appreciated – (A)

Make them feel Important – (I)

Make them feel Respected – (R).

Another side to the coin is “you’re definitely going to meet difficult, angry, irate all manner of Customers. Now I hear you saying “How do I handle these shades of customers?” Follow up on the Series, as we take this walk together. 

6 Ways to Keep Your Customers Asking for More!

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​1. Reliability: this is the ability to provide what was promised, dependably and accurately 

Action strategy : make sure that you correctly identify customer needs, promise only what you can deliver, and follow through to ensure that the product or service was received as promised. If there’s a change of plan, carry them along. 

2. Assurance: The ability to convey trust and confidence.

Action strategy : Provide service assertively by using positive communication techniques and describing products and services accurately.

3. Presentation: The physical facility, equipment and the appearance of personnel. 

Action strategy : keep your workspaces neat and organised. Dress professionally, and maintain excellent hygiene standards.

4. Empathy: The degree of care and individual attention provided to customers.

Action strategy : listen for emotions in your customers’ messages. Put yourself in their place and respond compassionately by offering service to address their needs and concerns.

5. Responsiveness: The willingness to help customers and provide prompt services. 

Action strategy: Be proactive!

6. Know Your Customer’s




#Customer Service Series! (CSS)

With my little experience so far in Business systems and processes, I’ve seen one major reason why most African businesses fail to survive the first decades. It’s not so much as lack of funds or resources as it is with this virus called “Bad Customer Service!” This contributes greatly as to why those that understand how to use it to their advantage out perform and run their colleagues out of business. It’s not a matter of the industry you’re in. Whether you sell, newspapers at streets corners, gala & lacasera in traffic or beauty products on e-commerce sites. Whether you sell softwares/ ebooks on Amazon or you’re a Barber, a technician or even a preacher. Forget about what you do. None of us is actually in the goods and service business. We’re all in the people service business! If you think you’re not, imagine yourself selling your wonderful product without people buying and patronizing. I’ve been to shops where all the sales rep could say was “Yes, what are you looking for?” Sometimes I’m pushed to ask them why did you open up today? And they often feel like I came with trouble. I’ve even had encounters of broad day light beefs…because I bought products from their neighbors who had better packaging and not them.There’s a research that says over 60% of customers are lost because of bad customer service. With my little experience, I’ve discovered that a well treated customer is capable of bringing ten other customers based on referral, and those 10 can also bring other 10 and the chain goes on. Now flip the statement around. A badly treated customer is capable of sending out other 10 and those ten other 10. And the more you beef them, the more they go away. So many of you can see while your sales are dropping. Join me on a table talk at “Craft-House Africa as we talk on ” Customer Service Essentials!” Feel free to drop your comments/questions as we progress on this Series! See you there.


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Customer Service Series – Deliver Unexpected Value!

Your ability to increase your income hinges on your ability to deliver unexpected value. Most people think the only way they can add more value is by working harder or exchanging money. This is thinking too small. You deliver unexpected value through the connections you can make, the time you can allocate and the problems you can alleviate.

Big opportunities open up when you’re building relationships with the right people, invest your time in your highest leverage activities and be a person who solves problems. Break out of the old mindset of thinking that you have to work harder or find a higher-paying job, and start developing the habit of incorporating these three things in your everyday life.

Customer Service – “The Game Changer!”

This past week I’ve been a little busy on field work not minding my own business. Lol…did I just say not minding! Yes. I’ve actually been making observations how most businesses run their day to day activities across my hood. A major difference I’ve seen between the “successful” ones and not so “successful” ones is in CUSTOMER SERVICE! Therefore in the next couple of days I’ll be sharing with you key success secret on Customer Service Essentials! Join me as I take you on a walk through this. And also prepare your questions as we shall together find answers to them. Selah!