Rescued from Destruction, How I Survived!


This is my testimony to the shame of the devil.

I give all Glory to God that has once again reaffirmed my Covenant of long life with him.

I was on my way to Benin from Lagos (a 5hours drive, in Nigeria) on the 6th of January, 2020 and on getting to Ore (mid way)  at about 2pm, our vehicles had a busted tyre with a loud bang. The next thing I saw was the vehicle drifting off the road and started overturning. At that point two things came to my mind, we serve a God who is too faithful to fail, the second was Psalms 34:20. He keepeth all his bones : not one of them is broken. Then I blanked out. When I would open my eyes, I saw myself on the hospital bed crying that I was thirsty and that the right hand had pulled out from the shoulder socket. Already 3people had died from the same accident.  The nurses were telling me to keep quiet that if I don’t reach out to anyone to come for me before 5pm, they would close and leave me there. By this time it was already abt 4pm. I heard them whispering to each other that I won’t survive the next 1hour, because I had bled internally and lost alot of blood. I kept telling myself I cannot die now. I still got work to do.  And when the closest person my family could reach came, it was already about 5pm, they told him to rush me to a teaching hospital in akure, another 2hours drive away.
We finally got to this teaching hospital at abt 7pm of which they checked my PCV (blood level) and said it was 13% and immediately ordered for 3pints of blood for me. But I knew the blood of Jesus can never run dry, so my blood cannot fail. After they gave the first pint of blood,  they checked again, this time it had jumped from 13% to 32% and we had to abandon the other 2pints of blood for them because I had no need for them.
Again I remembered I have an agreement with God that I will never stay in the hospital except on visit. Within 3days, on the 3rd day of the incident I was discharged but referred to UBTH bcos of its proximity in Benin, my current location. On getting there the Doctor checked the work they had already done on the hand and said there was no need for me to be admitted, that I should go home and keep taking my medication. Now I’m healed and whole the Same Jesus who rescued me from death, increased my PCV from 13 to 32% and discharged me on the 3rd day had granted me quick recovery. My hand is fine and well, and I’m whole. With that hand that pulled out from the shoulder socket have I typed this testimony.

My God can do anything, if only you can believe!!!

Timothy Okojie Goshen.

These are photos from the second day. Thank you Jesus.

12 thoughts on “Rescued from Destruction, How I Survived!

  1. God is too faithful to fail. In all situations God always triumphs. You re a child of God. So you re a carrier of Gods DNA. Therefore you can not go down. You will live long and live well. That’s Gods word four you. Congratulations my brother.


  2. That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. Is 45:6-7. May your name be praised oh Lord our help in all situations.


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