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Reading prepares us for leading. Lk.4:16-20

Reading opens us up to the world of possibility.

It provides us with wings to fly.

Rreading removes every form of limits.

It intoxicates the mind and instigates action.

A book contains the release of the author’s mind, thoughts, idea, vision e.t.c

When a reader contacts it, the content of it is literarily imparts Him.

Every man is a reflection of author of books he reads, the spirit, thoughts, idea, ideology, vision, attitudes, e.t.c of an author is loaded in his book.

Holdind a book is meeting with its author in practical terms. Ez.2:2

Books speaks to us in space without direct contact with the author.

Sending books out is preading the author spirit round.

Books are agents of enlightenment and empowerment.

In reading one is enlightened to discover who he is an empowered to become, what he is intended to be & become.

Value for books is value for life.

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