Find Your Team – Fathers and Mentors; Pt1



If I have seen ahead or achieved any success, it is because I stood on the shoulders of those that went ahead of me – Sir Isaac Newton.
Fatherhood/Mentor-ship is one vital element for success. As one of my fathers will say, “a papa-less papa is a dangerous papa”. Father/Mentors go a long way to determine your success, your strategies and your outcomes. They are a covering that shields you from unnecessary experience of trial and errors. They may not always make the headlines, but they are needed to make the headlines. Having the right one can save you decades of years of struggle. Be careful of the man with no father or mentor over him, he has nothing much to offer. You can only be a great father, and a great mentor when you have been tutored by one. Every champion is a product of those they studied under. No warrior emerges in Isolation. Success has always been the product of a great team work. God will never get you into you promised land until you find your Joshua. Find Your fathers, find your mentors, Find your Joshua. Find your team.


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