3 Kinds of Friends You need to Fulfill Destiny. Part 3

Continued from the Last Post.

3. Comrades:

These people are not for you neither are they for what you are for. It is just that They are against what you are against. And comrades will make strange bedfellows. This will cause people to come together who are not for you, not for what you are for, but against what you are against. They will team up with you to help fight a greater enemy. As the saying goes, “the enemy of your enemy is your friend.” But don’t be confused by their association, they will only be with you until the victory is accomplished. These people are like scaffolding. They come into your life to fulfill a purpose. And when the purpose is fulfilled, the scaffolding is removed. But don’t be upset when they are removed because the building always remains when the scaffolding is removed.

Expect the constituents and the comrades to leave you and desert you after a while. Don’t be upset when they don’t react to your dreams the way you expected them to because they were never really with you the first place. Be careful then who you tell your dream to. Because if you tell your dream to your constituents, they will desert you and try to fulfill the dream without you. If you tell it to your comrades, they won’t support it because they never were for it anyway. If you find a few people in your entire life with whom you can share your dreams with, you are a blessed somebody. I can tell you how to Identify people who are really for you.

If they are really for you, they will weep with you when you weep, they will rejoice with you when you rejoice. When you walk in a room and tell somebody good news, stop being happy for a minute and watch their reaction. If they’re are not happy for you, shut your mouth and walk back out of the door. Because when they’re really connected to you, they’ll be happy for you. So pause for a second and ask your circle of friends. Are you happy for me? If you don’t get the right reaction don’t tell him/her anything else. You need somebody who’s really gonna be happy for you. And God is faithful enough to give you such. If you ever find such persons, celebrate God for them. Don’t worry about those that left. Constituents and comrades will always leave. You will always meet these 3 people. Live your dreams.


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