6 Ways to Keep Your Customers Asking for More!

Photo Credit: iStock

​1. Reliability: this is the ability to provide what was promised, dependably and accurately 

Action strategy : make sure that you correctly identify customer needs, promise only what you can deliver, and follow through to ensure that the product or service was received as promised. If there’s a change of plan, carry them along. 

2. Assurance: The ability to convey trust and confidence.

Action strategy : Provide service assertively by using positive communication techniques and describing products and services accurately.

3. Presentation: The physical facility, equipment and the appearance of personnel. 

Action strategy : keep your workspaces neat and organised. Dress professionally, and maintain excellent hygiene standards.

4. Empathy: The degree of care and individual attention provided to customers.

Action strategy : listen for emotions in your customers’ messages. Put yourself in their place and respond compassionately by offering service to address their needs and concerns.

5. Responsiveness: The willingness to help customers and provide prompt services. 

Action strategy: Be proactive!

6. Know Your Customer’s





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