Results from the Heart Talk “Destiny!”

​Hi family! I bring the results of what I’ve been able to gather on our Heart talk on “Destiny”. 

Destiny from the word destination is not just an occurrence. Rather, it tells of a person’s destination. The bible calls it ” an expected end” Jerimaiah  29:11. So I believe whatever happens on the way there cannot alter in. For some persons it can be delayed by distractions. It can only be denied if the person involved choose to give up. If I’m in Africa and my destination is to arrive at the White House in DC. It doesn’t matter whether I get there by air, water, rail or land. What matters is as long as I get there. Except I choose to give up on the way or change my mind because of an issue beyond control. But if I don’t give up no matter what, I’ll sure get there. 

Let’s take a study from 2key bible characters! 

1. Joseph! Destined to be a Prime Minister in Egypt, while still in Cannan. See how he got there. a. He was sold into slavery by his very own brothers. b.  He became a servant in Potiphar’s house. c. Wrongly accused, he was sentenced to prison for only God knows how long. Finally his gifts/skills led him to the palace, and to his throne.

 2. David! Killed the giant Goliath at the age of 17. Anointed king over Israel! Now that he was happy he had been liberated from serving sheeps in the desert to serving the kings cabinet, jealousy rose up and he suddenly found himself running and hiding in caves till his appointed time came.  

Here’s my conclusion! The destiny of a man is only decided by what he will or will not do. It might be delayed by circumstances. But it can never be denied. Except we choose to give up.  For everyone that truly wants to be a success, your destiny is in your very own hands! Please check some of the posts I made some time ago on “Success Series” and see how some dudes took advantage of their odds for goods.


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