#Heart Talk – #Dealing With Distractions!

Talking about distractions, how do they come? What are distractions?How can we recognize them? How can I prevent them? 

Here are a few tips about them!

Whatsoever is not attractive is not distractive. Thus, every distraction is after is your attention. And ultimately your purpose. Distractions are not necessarily bad things. They can be good or right things coming at the wrong time. They can be habits. They can even come as peer pressure. They are not generic; they vary from individuals to individuals. Distractions can even come disguised as opportunities. Only a purpose driven life can tell the difference. Food is good, but it can also be a distraction. Relationships could come as blessings, but they could also be big distractions. Being a die-hard fan to club matches is amazing; it can also be terrible distraction. Discern the difference. Distraction will always come in a way that is most attractive to you. A distraction doesn’t just want your attention, it attacks your purpose. Whatsoever wastes your time or comes as distraction is not your friend. It is a sworn enemy to attack your purpose.

How do I discern between a distraction and an opportunity?
1. Ask God, let Him guide you.
2. Set goals per time. Thus if the opportunity will not help you achieve that goal, it’s a distraction.
3. Give it time.


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